Antibiotic Prescribing During Pediatric Direct-to-Consumer Telemedicine Visits

One concern about the use of telehealth in pediatrics is whether the care is the same as it would be for in-person visits. Given the real or perceived parental desire for antibiotics for viral illnesses, it’s legitimate to wonder if telehealth visits for minor viral infections would produce more prescriptions for antibiotics. This study of claims data compared a number of telehealth visits (n = 4604) to a much larger collection of urgent-care visits (n = 38,408) and primary-care provider visits (n = 485,201). Antibiotic prescribing was somewhat higher for visits (52%, vs. 42% urgent care and 31% PCP). This study raises the question of whether expectations of parents are different under telehealth conditions. If expectations of antibiotic prescribing are higher using telehealth, it remains to be studied whether this is real or simply perceived by providers.

[su_cite_pediatrics url_fragment=”143/5/e20182491″ author=”Ray” year=”2019″] | PubMed 30962253 | Author Search

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