Cost-effectiveness of a New Internet-based Monitoring Tool for Neonatal Post-discharge Home Care

Compared web-based follow-up with standard, hospital-based follow-up via a retrospective cohort study of two low-risk newborn patient groups in 2011. They used ED visits (unexpected need for care) and costs as the outcomes of interest. The first group got standard care and the subsequent group used the web-based monitoring system. 16% of newborns who received the standard hospital-based follow-up had an ED visit in the first month of life compared with less than 6% of infants monitored by the web-based system. The cost of care in the hospital-based follow-up group was over double the cost for the web-based follow-up group, suggesting that this kind of follow-up would be cost-effective.

Isetta 2013 (J Med Internet Res) | PubMed 23419609 | Author Search

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