PEDINFO: A Webliography of Pediatric Informatics

Growth Analysis [1]

Growth Charts [2]

Growth Charts for General Populations [3]

CDC Growth Charts [URL]
Compendium of growth chart information from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, including chart data from both the CDC and the World Health Organization. Includes downloadable data and background information on the use of growth charts in practice. Includes printable formats in English, French, and Spanish.
WHO Child Growth Standards [URL]
Charts derived from the WHO Multicentre Growth Reference Study, plus background on their use and software for growth analysis.

Head Circumference Norms for Older Children [8]

Growth Charts for Specific Ethnicities [15]

Growth Charts for Special Populations [18]

Achondroplasia Growth Charts [9]

Down Syndrome Growth Charts [10]

Noonan Syndrome Growth Charts [11]

Noonan Syndrome [PubMed] (Ranke 1988)
Noonan syndrome: growth and clinical manifestations in 144 cases.

Williams Syndrome Growth Charts [12]

Williams Syndrome [Archives of Disease in Children] (Martin 2007)
New height, weight and head circumference charts for British children with Williams syndrome.

Other Syndromic Growth Charts [13]

Neonatal and Premature Infant Growth Charts [14]

Computational Methods [5]

Clinical Issues and Historical Background in Growth Analysis [7]