Parent Satisfaction with the Electronic Medical Record in an Academic Pediatric Rheumatology Practice

To assess the impact of implementation of an electronic medical record system on families in an academic pediatric rheumatology practice, families were surveyed 1 month pre-EMR implementation and 3 months post-EMR implementation. Overall, the EMR was well received by families. Compared with the paper chart, parents agreed the EMR improved the quality of doctor care (55% or 59/107 vs 26% or 26/99, P < .001). More parents indicated they would prefer their pediatric physicians to use an EMR (68% or 73/107 vs 51% or 50/99, P = .01). [cite journal = 'jmir' url_fragment = '2011/2/e40' author = 'Rosen' year = '2011'] [su_pubmed pmid = '21622292' author = 'Rosen' inits = 'P']

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