Standardized Clinical Pathways for Hospitalized Children and Outcomes

15 clinical pathways

Analysis of admissions on any of 15 care pathways to Seattle Children’s Hospital over ~4 years that showed a slowing in the rate of rise of costs of care. Pathways were implemented in the electronic health record via order sets and accompanying decision support. Data on order-set use shows no clear trend toward broad increases in usage rates; for a few conditions, order-set usage improved over time (croup went from 38% to 68% over ~2 years) but most were low, stable usage rates, and some went down (cellulitis [42–>27%], femur fracture [94—>82%]). Length-of-stay data showed that LOS fell slightly for some conditions over time (0.03 days saved overall for each month following the implementation of the pathway). Quality-of-life measurement was unchanged.

Lion 2016 (Pediatrics) | PubMed 27002007 | Author Search

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