The Effect of an Electronic Health Record–based Tool on Abnormal Pediatric Blood Pressure Recognition

Evaluation of whether provider recognition of abnormal BP (greater than 90th percentile) differed before versus after the introduction of an app that extracts age, sex, height and BP data from the EHR to calculate and track a patient’s BP percentile longitudinally. The app was based on the Substitutable Medical Applications & Reusable Technology (SMART) platform and is available In the SMARTApp Gallery. Examining ~79,000 records of outpatients (primary care, endocrinology, cardiology, nephrology clinics), of which ~3500 had elevated blood pressure, showed that abnormal BP was recognized in 4.9% of visits before the app was available and 7.1% of visits afterwards. The app was used in 13% of encounters where an elevated BP was present; significantly, when the app was used, recognition of elevated BP was much higher (OR 3.17, CI 2.29-4.41).

Twichell 2017 (Link) | PubMed 28493451 | Author Search

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