The Transition to ICD-10-CM: Challenges for Pediatric Practice

An evaluation of diagnostic codes from Medicaid claims data that suggests that the use of the CMS General Equivalency Mappings will result in loss or obfuscation of clinical concepts. 40% of ICD-9 diagnostic codes in this study were the undefined “999.99,” which suggests that conclusions from analysis of this data set may be limited due to the poor quality of the coding efforts upstream of these data. Given that ICD-9 itself obfuscates much clinical detail in the first place, the jury is still out on whether ICD-10 is better or worse for pediatric care than its predecessor.

[su_cite_pediatrics url_fragment = ‘134/1/31’ author = ‘Caskey’ year = ‘2014’] | PubMed 24918217 | Author Search

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