Use of Electronic Health Record Systems by Office-Based Pediatricians

Results of a survey by the American Academy of Pediatrics, showing the rate of AHR adoption by pediatricians. The percent of pediatricians using EHRs increased significantly from 58% in a 2009 survey to 79% in this 2012 data. Only 31% used an EHR considered to have basic functionality, and only 14% used a “fully functional” EHR (as defined in the paper). Even fewer used a fully “pediatric supportive” EHR, but the requirements for this were very high, and included decision support logic for immunizations that few EHRs can achieve. Providers with equal or greater than 20% public insurance patients (threshold for meaningful use eligibility) were more likely to have an EHR. Solo/2-physician practices were least likely to have adopted an EHR. Younger physicians were more likely to consider an EHR important to quality care and perceived the presence of an EHR as more important in recruiting.

Lehmann 2015 (Pediatrics) | PubMed 25548325 | Author Search

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